A new blasphemy case has been registered against Usman Liaqat Masih of Nabi Pura, district Sheikhupura, Punjab.

Police arrested the father-of-three on May 24 when it was reported that the village was under severe threats from Muslims who were preparing to burn down the Christian houses upon an allegation of blasphemy being made against six to seven people.

The dispute between the Christians and Muslims began over the of  social media as it is said there is a gang of men – both Christian and Muslim – who take pictures of the neighbouring girls and women and post them on Facebook with appealing humiliating remarks.

Asif Masih, a friend the group, made an account but it was hacked and used to make the posts.

A few months ago somebody posted some disrespectful remarks against the Holy Prophet as well, and while they were read but deleted by many, some of the Muslim friends saved the remarks and gave them to the police.

According to reports, on May 23 Usman argued with the other Christian group on the same issue of posting disrespectful comments.

He fought with the Christian men because he wanted to stop them from posting such filth but they started beating him. Later some men went to the police station and filed an application against Usman, alleging that he had committed blasphemy a few months ago.

According to the SHO(station house officer) a special investigating team (Joint investigating team) will be formed to investigate the matter properly. Only once the investigation is complete will he will be able to give more information about this case.

However the DPO Sarfraz Khan Virk held the FIR and instructed the police to ensure safety and peace in the village.