A Muslim in Pakistan allegedly set fire to a copy of the Holy Bible, reducing it completely to ashes.

On May 24 in Chandiyan Talawan, in District Faisalabad, Punjab, local Christians claimed the man had insulted the word of God, by setting the holy book on fire.

Furious local Christians started chanting slogans and demanding that he be punished for the act of blasphemy.

As the situation deteriorated, police were sent to the area in order to prevent violent clashes between the Christians and Muslims.

Pakistani Christians have condemned the act and called on action to be taken against the perpetrator.

Religious extremism continues to grow on a daily basis in Pakistan, something which the government seems to be oblivious to.

Christians continue to suffer because of their religion, with their cries for help falling on deaf ears.

They are being overwhelmingly threatened by religious extremism and intolerance the country turns a blind eye to their plight.