On May 23 CLAAS’s team headed by National Director CLAAS-PK Joseph Francis visited Chak 44, Mandi Bahaudin, where Imran Masih was working at the Bosal Rural Health Unit near his village.

He was accused of committing blasphemy for having an objectionable video in his mobile phone.

In that small village 36 houses are of Christian families and more than 2000 are of Muslims.

CLAAS visited the local Christian families and asked about the prevailing situation.

They explained that things had mainly returned to normal. Qazi Abdul Qadeer Khamosh, from Muslim Christian Federation International (MCFI), also joined CLAAS when they met local MPS from Muslim League (N) Shafqat Mehmood Gondal & Pir Saeed Mehmood Mushadi. They said that although there was some tension, after the intervention of the police, peace had been restored to the village.

Some Christian families fled after hearing rumours that some Muslims were planning to attack the Christian houses. But they have all been assured protection and security and are back expect from the Imran Masih the main accused for blasphemy and his family are still away.

The district police officer told CLAAS that two committees had been constituted to bring the communities closer together, and anyone inciting hatred against Christians will be arrested in line with the National Action Plan against terrorism & extremism.

Muhammad Khan Lagari and Ghulam Murtaza, local religious leaders, also shared that Christians are respected by them and that it was their responsibility to provide protection and an atmosphere that they can practice their religion freely and without any fear.

They also shared that on May 17, a Christian girl’s wedding ceremony was held peacefully in the area and celebrations peacefully.