The sons of Muslims landlords forced their way into the home of a Pakistani Christian man employed by the army and raped his wife.

They climbed the walls tied his wife to the bed before gang raping her.

The woman, Asia Bibi kept crying and shouting but the Muslim men threatened her with a gun to her head and ignored her pleas, until neighbors heard her cries and approached to rescue.

Her husband was hundreds of miles away from his village, in Peshawar city, performing his duties in the Pakistan Army, during the incident on April 20, 2016.

The Pakistan Army is so powerful that even soldiers’ personnel receive special protection and respect in society.

However, it seems this courtesy and respect is only extended to Muslim employees of the army.

According to First Information Report FIR registered in Rajana Police Station Mohammad Zeeshan, Mohammad Rizwan and others have been named as the suspects.

Mohammad Zeeshan and Mohammad Rizwan are the sons of Mohammad Arif and Mohammad Farooq who are influential landlords in the village of Chak Number 291 GB.

They are putting pressure on Bibi to withdraw her case.

But she told the media that she is not satisfied with her medico-legal reports because influential Muslim landlords were seen talking with doctors before her medical examination was conducted.

She demanded a transparent medical checkup and protection from the parents of her Muslim rapists.