A 18-year-old Christian boy was tortured to father by a group of Muslims who then dragged his body through the streets and publicly hanged him from a tree.

Qaisar Masih was killed to warn other Christians living in the area that anyone who speaks against their unjust attitude or argues with them will face the same fate.

The attack took place last week in Shadman Colony near Peer Mahal – where Qaisar Masih had been living with his father Sardar Masih, and other family members for decades.

Sardar Masih told a local Christian reporter that Mohammad Billa, Mohammad Haider and their accomplices attacked his son Qaisar Masih and killed him.

Sardar Masih said his son had had minor argument, but that it ended in compromise after begging for pardon for his son and falling on the feet of Mohammad Haider in public. But Mohammad Haider was not satisfied because he was very angry that  a Christian boy dared to argue with him.

Sardar Masih said Qaisar Masih’s  body was next hanging from the tree for hours.