Two Christian women, Tahira, 21, and Reema, 20, daughters of Bashir Masih were abducted by Muslim men named Muhammad Mustafa and Muhammad Kashif 30 on December 2, 2015, from Chak 38 Janubi.

Mustafa is a married 29-year-old man with two children. Both men forcibly converted these two young women, married them and confined them in Islamabad.

Mr. Saddique John contacted CLAAS’s team in Pakistani on February 17, 2016, and a fact-finding mission was arranged.

The Team came to know that on February 11 an FIR was registered against six Christian family members of the girls, by Muhammad Kashif. The police had arrested two and were going to carry out raids to arrest the other four.

All the male Christian relatives of the accused have fled from their houses, and the women are living under fear too.

They were hesitant to speak with CLAAS Team, but eventually, they shared that some time ago a Muslim girl eloped with a Christian boy of her free will and they got married.

Since it was a matter of honour for the Muslims, out of vengeance they abducted two Christian women from the same family. They forcibly converted them to Islam and married them under Islamic rites.

According locals, Tahira was physically tortured by Muhammad Kashif and she escaped from the confinement but was scared to return to her family.  Kashif filed a writ petition against Tahira’s family in the High Court at Sargodha on February 2, 2016.  As a result, the FIR was registered against all male members of the Christian family.

The police informed CLAAS that they are under court orders to produce Tahira at court on February 20, dead or alive.

CLAAS team requested the police to release Tahira’s Christian relatives, and after some time they agreed. CLAAS has offered  legal assistance  and shelter, for their security, to the Tahira’s family.