Three Christian girls in Lahore have been run over by four drunk Muslim boys’ car after the girls refused to have a ride and fun with them.

The incident took place on January 13 as they were rushing home from work and were stopped by these boys. To save themselves the girls started to run but were mowed down by the car.

Kiran 17, was killed, Shamroza, 18, suffered broken ribs and Sumble 20 was left with a broken hip.

The intoxicated men shouted suggestive and lewd comments at them and were harassing them to get into the car for ‘a ride and some fun’.

To get rid of them the girls tried their best and explained that they were devout Christians and not allowed to do these things.

They scolded the young men for their untoward advances, causing them to become more angry and physically threatening.

When the girls started to run away the men shouted at them and drove after them, finally running them over.

One of the men is said to have yelled; “How dare you run away from us, Christian girls are only meant for one thing the pleasure of Muslim men.”

The families of the three girls have demanded justice but despite this brutal attack and the death of an innocent young girl, they were forced to pay a police bribe to have a First Incident Report (FIR), registered.

Kiran’s family are calling for a murder enquiry but because of the wealthy status of the suspects, there is little hope.