Early on 11 January 2016 another Pakistani Christian asylum seeker, Pervaiz Gouri, was found dead in Bangkok detention centre.

He was from Lahore, Pakistan and fled the country to seek asylum in Bangkok, under the umbrella of the UNHCR.

According to reports Perviez Ghouri was in good health before he was arrested and detained a few months ago. He took his detention very seriously and couldn’t cope with the conditions inside, and suffered from hammerhead due to fear and tension.

Pervaiz Ghouri is not the first Pakistani Christian asylum seeker who has died in Bangkok Detention Centre, there are dozens of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers who have lost their lives during their detention.

Last month Samina Faisal, a 30-year-old Pakistani Christian woman who fled persecution and was seeking asylum in Thailand, died while being held in a detention centre.

Samina was arrested by the Thai authorities on December 20th during a recent crackdown against foreigners who had overstayed their visas. Because of her medical condition she requested medical treatment but the authorities paid no attention and she died on December 31.

According to reports, another Pakistani Christian asylum seekers, Mr. Riaz has also been shifted to hospital because of his deteriorating health condition.

According to reports there is not enough space available in the detention centre, and people cannot sleep at night. Hygiene conditions are dreadful, detainees are treated like animals and despite several complaints, nobody is willing to look into the situation which is badly in need of improvement.

Pakistani Christians who left Pakistan because of fear of persecution are now suffering at the hands of Thai authorities and because of the UNHCR’s negligence. Several people who came to this country to save their lives continue to lose their  lives and nobody is willing to look into the situation.

Apart from Samina Faisal, Daud Saddique, Dr. Nazir, Baba Sadiq, Nomi Waqas , Rasheed Masih, Faris Ayub, Riaz Masih, Jerry (Jaris) and some I am not aware of, are just a few who have died because of the treatment of the UNHCR and the Thai authorities, and if the UNHCR and the Thai authorities dont take these deaths seriously and change their attitude, innocent people will continue dying.