Samina, a 30-year-old Pakistani Christian woman who fled persecution and was seeking asylum in Thailand, died while being held in a detention centre.

Samina was arrested by the Thai authorities on December 20th during a recent crackdown against foreigners who had overstayed their visas.

She already had some health serious health issues and told the officers that she needed treatment, showing the authorities her medical certificate.

But she was paid no attention, and instead locked up in a detention centre where she died.

In March 2015 Samina lost her child who was still born at six months. Subsequently she began suffering from high blood pressure and kidney complications.

While in detention, Samina’s condition deteriorated, and after about 10 days officials were forced to take her to hospital.

But it was too late and she died on December 31. The Thai authorities are now hesitant to allow her family to see Samina’s body.