The Pakistani Government has been asked to provide better security for its minorities, by its own Interior Minister.

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar has asked the provincial home departments to conduct a security audit for minority communities and prepare a special security plan for including Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Ismailis and Bohras, by next week.

It comes after a spate of attacks on the country’s minorities.
On Thursday he told provincial police chiefs that minorities should be their priority.

“Protect minorities’ worship places and enhance police patrolling of religious places of non-Muslims as well,” he said.

In the past, places of worship have been ransacked, some of them seized by land mafias or other groups.

The Sindh government has ordered the chief of Sindh Police to begin a process of registering minority places of worship so that we can know their number and their location.

It is essential that all minority communities are consulted in any process, and that protective measures are put into place as soon as possible.

Nasir Saeed Director CLAAS-UK said minorities in Pakistan have been under constant attack for decades now, but unfortunately Governments have been showing apathy and just decry the atrocities being committed against minorities, with Christians being the main target.

“But making the protection of minorities’ the government’s utmost priority is a good step,” he said.

“Although I don’t have any high expectations, I hope that it is serious and will soon be able to devise some plans about protection of minorities.

It is not just bout devising a plan, but implementation is equally important.

“Most importantly, there is a need to change the mind set and to stop the growing hate against Christians and other religious minorities living in Pakistan.

“There is also a need to get rid of all such legislation which discriminates against minorities.

“In particular; Christians have no faith in the government and that is why they are fleeing and seeking protection in other countries.

“I hope government makes Pakistan a safe country for its minorities and sets an example to be followed by others.”