The police have registered a case against 700 people who attacked the Christian colony Sandha, Dhup Sarri, Lahore after accusations were made against Christian Humayun Faisal for burning Quranic pages.

On May 24 the Muslim mob attempted to burn Humayun alive and set a local church on fire. But after a long scuffle, the police scuppered the miscreants’ plans, and some police officers were even injured.

Humayun’s neighbour, a Muslim lady called Parveen Bibi told Joseph Francis, Director CLAAS-PK that Humayun is has been mentally ill for the last six to seven years and has been receiving medical treatment from the Mental Hospital, Lahore. He has eight brothers and sisters. He is married with three children (two daughters and on son), but because of his mental condition, his wife Ruth left him about three years ago.

Humayun was arrested on the same day by Gulshan Ravi police. Inspector Safdar Ali shared with Mr Francis that a case has been registered against 700 people, and that 22 people including Imam Liaqat, (Jamait Islami) who provoked the public to attack Christians, have also been arrested with some weapons.

They are in custody while the police is still trying its best to arrest other people who were involved in the attack.

Mr Francis has also praised the role of local Muslim leader Pir Haji Shafiq, who tried to stop the attackers and also saved Humayun’s life and handed him over to the police for his safety.

Although there is still despair and fear among the Christians, CLAAS is encouraging Christians to come back to their homes.

CLAAS is in touch with the police and other authorities and demanding that on the basis of Humayun’s mental condition, blasphemy charges against him should be dropped.