The Anti-terrorist court of Pakistan has denied bail to 18 Christians who are in custody in connection with the lynching of two Muslims in Youhanabad and a violent attack on the Metro.

Yesterday CLAAS’ lawyers appeared at court to to make the application, but Judge Mr. Muhammad Qasim, dismissed the bail application.

There is 30 day time period and CLAAS is preparing to submit an appeal in the high court as soon as possible.

On 13 May, CLAAS was able to secure bail for 10 other Christians of Youhanabad, who were arrested in same charges.

Unfortunately the tragedy of Youhanabad still ongoing, there is still a lot fear and despair in the air and residents are afraid of returning to their homes as police and he continues to arrest Christians without any proof or evidence.

The government is not paying any attention, or trying to resolve this ongoing situation.

There are also some reports in the media that a case has been registered against Joseph Francis, Director of CLAAS-PK, for provoking the public to attack government buildings and for burning the Pakistani Flag.

However, at the time other allegations are said to have taken place, Mr Francis was in hospital for treatment of an injury suffered during helping Christians after this attack.

Mr Francis held a press conference on 29th May making clear his position, and he has denied all allegation against him. He further said that if the police want to arrest him, he is there. He also said that he is not going to leave Pakistan and if any charges are brought against him, he will face them. He said he is Pakistani and has devoted his life to serving Pakistan and Pakistani Christians.