Unfortunately Youhanabad’s tragedy still continues. Originally 69 families had contacted CLAAS for legal aid help as their loved ones were missing. CLAAS is trying its level best to get justice for all
the victims who have been charged under the anti-terrorism act, public nuisance and disorder and in connection of the lynching of two Muslims.

Altogether three FIRS have been registered and several Christians have been arrested. Since CLAAS applied in court for their post arrest bail, 10 people have been released, namely Faisal Masih, Sadaqat Masih, Sunny Bhatti, Moon Panu, Shamoun Masih, Shamshad Masih, Sharafat, Irfan Masih, Neela, and Patras.

Also, on May 15, 2015 CLAAS has further applied for post-arrest bails of 18 Christians in the court of Mr. Muhammad Qasim Learned Judge Anti-Terrorism Court, Lahore which was originally fixed for May 19, 2015 for arguments and on the said date arguments not heard and next date is May 23, 2015.

All these Christians come from Youhanabad, where on 13 March two churches and their Sunday congregations, were attacked by suicide bombers, leaving 14 people dead and more than 70 injured. Many Christian have been arrested mere on suspicions. While there are rumours that the government have another list and is still looking to arrest more people who are presently on the run.