Please Pray

Pray for the persecuted Christians in Pakistan

“ He gives strength to the weary and increases the
power of the weak.” Isaiah 40:29

* Pray for the Zaffar Bhatti’s appeal, which is due to take place at Lahore Crown Court tomorrow (27 April). CLAAS filed the appeal after the 52 year-old pastor was sentenced to life imprisonment last year for allegedly breaking the blasphemy laws in 2012.

It was claimed that Mr Bhatti had sent out blasphemous text messages. However, the SIM card from which the allegedly blasphemous texts were sent was not registered in his name, and CLAAS believes that he has no case to answer.

Zaffar has suffered a number of murder attempts in the last five years since he was first imprisoned. Meanwhile his wife has struggled to make ends meet in his absence. Pray that he can be released back to his wife.


* Lift up Sawan Masih whose appeal is due to be heard on 8 May. He was accused of blasphemy in 2013. The claims led to major rioting where he lived in and a number of homes were burned in the majority-Christian neighbourhood in Lahore.

Mr Masih was taken into custody – initially it was claimed for his own safety. However he was sentenced to death under the blasphemy laws in 2014. CLAAS filed for this to be suspended in February.

As well as praying for these two men, please also pray for CLAAS Director Joseph Francis and the lawyers who will be defending the two accused men: Mr. Tahir Bashir and Mr. Anwar Ul-Haq Pannu.

With every blessing,

Nasir Saeed

  1. Pray for Pakistan’s government and the Parliament. Pray that God will touch the hearts of key political players and decision-makers to hear the plight of persecuted Christians and to respond by working for justice for all.
  2. Pray for our workers in Pakistan. Pray for Joseph Francis of CLAAS Pakistan and for his team of Christian lawyers, workers and volunteers. Pray that God will give them strength and wisdom as they seek justice for victims of religious persecution.
  3. Pray for Nasir Saeed of CLAAS UK and for volunteers involved in raising awareness in local churches. Pray that God will provide the financial resources to enable our team to campaign effectively for the abolishment of the Blasphemy law in Pakistan.
  4. Pray for an abundance of God’s grace for individuals and families in Pakistan who are undergoing persecution. Pray that they will find peace and comfort in God. Pray also that our CLAAS team will be able to reach out and help them by offering legal aid and practical assistance.
  5. Pray for the growth of the church in Pakistan, pray for church leaders and other workers who are involved in ministry in their communities.
  6. Please read the latest news items below and pray specifically for these individuals and their families.