• Petition calling for the Bible to be made part the of curriculum moved in Pakistani High Court


    May 13, 2019   7:57 pm

    A petition calling for the Bible to be included in the curriculum for Christian children who are studying in government educational institutions has been moved in the Islamabad High Court. The petitioner, Anil Mansoor, told the court Islamic study is a compulsory subject for all students from first to eighth grade, but that thousands of […]

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  • Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi has finally left the country.

    Asia bibi 1

    May 13, 2019   7:52 pm

    After spending eight years on death row, she had to wait six months in hiding after being acquitted of blasphemy charges. But Bibi is now believed to have joined her family in Canada. Protests by radical extremists erupted across Pakistan after her death sentence was overturned and she was cleared of blasphemy charges, meaning she […]

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  • Police release young Pakistani Christian man charged with blasphemy


    May 1, 2019   5:55 pm

    A young Pakistani Christian man has been cleared of blasphemy and released from police custody. Farhan Aziz Masih, of Muslim town, Gujranwala, was charged with blasphemy and has been cleared and released by police on April 30th. Farhan was accused of committing blasphemy by his next-door neighbour, and local police charged him under 295-C which […]

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  • Pakistani senate passes bill setting minimum marriage age as 18


    May 1, 2019   5:48 pm

    The Pakistani Senate has passed a bill to amend the Child Marriage Restraint Bill, 1929, and set the minimum marriage age at 18 years. The bill aims to “curb the menace of child marriage prevalent in the country and save women from exploitation”. Underage marriage can lead to a sentence of up to three years […]

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  • Revised forced conversion law to be submitted to Sindh Assembly

    sindh assembly

    April 15, 2019   11:10 am

    A revised draft of a forced conversion bill will be submitted to the Sindh Assembly soon. More than two years after the first draft was presented, the latest version of the ‘Protection of Minorities Act, 2019’ will be submitted by the Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) MPA Nand Kumar Goklani. In 2016 the Sindh Assembly passed […]

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