Help a hard-pressed family in Pakistan hit by Covid 19

Can you help a hard-pressed family hit by the Covid 19 Pakistan get the supplies they need?

Pakistan was locked down on the 22nd March, a decision that was financially devastating for 25% of the population living on daily subsistence wages and many others.

Prime Minister Imran Khan described the decision as “walking a tight rope between slowing the spread of the virus and ensuring people do not die of hunger”. These are desperate times for Christians and other religious minorities in Pakistan. The little state aid that is available is unlikely to be given to them, due to the discrimination that they face. According to the United States Commission International Religious Freedom and other sources, Christians, and Hindus are being denied food aid. We are also hearing daily reports from our office in Lahore of people’ in desperate need being turned away from state aid.

People like Fauzia who has been struggling to find the money to buy basic food and provisions for her two primary school aged children and her baby since, her husband Vikram, a rickshaw driver, has not been able to work.

Please can you give £25 or whatever you can afford, to help families like Fauzia’s who are facing an uncertain future. £25 provides food, soap, face masks and gloves for a family of up to 6 for two weeks. We will pass on 100% of what is given to us, to our partners in Pakistan so you can be assured that everything you give will reach families like Fauzia’s.

Thank you

Matthew 25 v 35 “I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat”.

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